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Buro io can support your organisation with one or a combination of the following activities:

Coaching and interim management
Each project starts with exploring the problem or issue and with determining the right approach in close consultation with the client. Subsequently buro io will support your organisation with developing and implementing the needed changes. Buro io is the director of the process, while your organisation is actively participating. Buro io can also assist with
setting up and/or project management of an innovative project or programm.

Facilitating workshops and conferences
Buro io is specialised in facilitating workshops and creative sessions. Each meeting is prepared thoroughly to determine the desired end result, the participants and program and the techniques to be used. During the meeting an atmosphere is created in which each participant feels free to fully participate.

Development of methods and tools

Development of a tool, method or approach attuned for your specific situation or question, an approach based on existing methodologies or a new method or tool when necessary.

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